Once you purchase our extension products, you are supposed to agree with our terms & conditions. Please read carefully the following passage to learn more about our terms & conditions before making the wise decision!


All our products are created and belong to Magezend. All the copying, republication, redistribution the contents and our products on our website are strictly prohibited. You also are not allowed to use any our code in whole or part of our website and the products.


By purchasing any products from Magezend , you have to agree with the following conditions: Have the right to use full open source code Customers will receive the License Certificate which will remain valid until the Customer stops using the Product, each product has only one license to apply on one website. We will terminate this License because of Customer's failure to comply with any of its Terms and Conditions.

Right & Limitation to use:
Installation and use

For each new installation of the products, customer must purchase separated License Customer are legally bound to preserve the copyright information


Customers are not allowed to share the right of using the product to the third parties. Any distribution, share without our permission, including non commercial purpose is considered as violation of our term & condition

Compliance with copyright law

Customer must comply with all applicable laws regarding use of our products. Magezend's software and a portion of it are protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. Accordingly, customer is required to treat our products like any other copyrighted material. Any activity violating copyright law will be prosecuted according to the current law. We retain the right to revoke the license of any user holding an invalid license.

Limitation of liability

Magento fighter shall not be reliable for any damage event such as: lost profits, business interruption, lost information,... if we find out any intended intervention in our products or a part of our product without any advices of us.

Support and bug fixing policy

We offer to customer free 90 days online installation support. During this period, Customer are free to report any bugs or error experiences while using our extension period. Right after we received the report from the customers, we will try to fix these bugs or errors as soon as possible. If you have any problems with our products or request for support, please feel free to contact us.

Update policy

Once you purchase our extension products, Magezend offers free lifetime updates for products. Latest version of the products will be notified in the customer account.

Return, exchange and refund policy

Return & exchange: After purchase, customer can not return the products however, customer may request to exchange their purchased product for another product of equivalent or higher value. If you want to exchange product for another of higher value, you need to pay the difference in price. Refund: We offer 30-day money back guarantee for our extension products. If you are not satisfied with our product during 365 days after your purchase, you can get a full refund without any extra charges unless the copyright is infringed.All refund requests submitted after 30 days are not accepted. Fees for installation, conflicts resolution and customization services are not refundable. You will receive the refund within 15 days since your request is confirmed.

Policy change and update notification
Please notice that the policy could be changed from time to time, Magezend reserves the right to add, remove, change and/or modify this policy at any time. Any changes of Policy, Term and Condition could be updated on this page and if the change is significant we will make the prominent notice.