How to speed up Magento 2 website with Lazy Load Products & Images

How to speed up Magento 2 website with Lazy Load Products & Images
May 17, 2020
How to speed up Magento 2 website with Lazy Load Products & Images

The website speed is a Google ranking factor, the slow loading speed of a site can negatively impact its rankings on search engines and vice versus. And that’s really bad if your Magneto 2 website is taking too much time to load.

While there are several reasons that cause your site to load slower, many online Magento website sees the most common problems in products and images loading.

And the good news is you can optimize it! But how?

Use Lazy Loading!

In this article, I’ll go over the importance of loading speed and how you can use Lazy load to speed up your website.

Why is the speed important to Magento 2 website?

And, here are typical reasons to make it clearer, in details:

1. Loading speed

If your website loads fast, you’ve made a good impression and vice versa. It immediately creates a good sense of shopping experience for first-time visitors. Some might consider the fast-loading speed as a profession, efficiency, and trustworthiness. .

A slow website radiates insecurity and wastes the time of visitors. In fact, 79% of customers reveal that they won’t return to a website if the loading speed is terrible.

2. User experience

Your customers always want the best online shopping experience. That’s what makes loading speed is absolutely crucial for your eCommerce website.


3. Website speed influences Google rank

When it comes to website rankings, Google does take website loading speed into account. In 2018, Google included page speed as a ranking factor for mobile searches to help users find what they are looking for faster. Google observes every web page performance and brings searchers fast webpages.

Therefore, even the loading speed is a ranking factor not as strong as others like relevance and authority, if your website is low, it’s challenging to take and secure your site’s position on the top search engine result pages


What is Lazy Load Products & Images?

Lazy Load or on-demand loading is a technique used to optimize the online content on a website or a web app.

The concept of Lazy Load is to defer the loading of unnecessary resources at page load time. Instead, it’s only loading the required section. The remaining ones will be loaded when users need it.

With Lazy Loading, the page’s products and images only load when users scroll down the page instead of loading them up front. Therefore, it’s no longer an entire web page that’s loading, but all page’ elements only load at the moment of need.

If your customers are constantly complaining about the slow loading speed of your Magento website, it’s time to fix the problem. Using Lazy Loading is the simplest method to implement.

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