Best Magento 2 FAQ Extensions Free and Paid

Best Magento 2 FAQ Extensions Free and Paid
January 11, 2021
Best Magento 2 FAQ Extensions Free and Paid

The Best Magento 2 FAQ extensions from hundreds of the FAQ extensions in the market as derived from Magezend Ranking which is using Magezend scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. The bellow extensions were picked manually by Magezend experts, if your Social Login does not include in the list, feel free to contact us. The best Social Login list is ranked and result in 2021, the price from $0 to $299. Find more Magento 2 extensions here.

Magento 2 FAQ extension enables customers to look for common inquiries, ask and get answered on the Knowledge Base and FAQ lists. Admins can create an informative SEO-friendly FAQ page with all necessary features


FAQ Magezend Extension allows you to create a faq page, where all customer concerns gather in one place. Faq is displayed nearly on one page with a collapse/expand the feature. Your customers can view relevant topics quickly without going through different pages & waiting for the pages to reload. It comes with two managers: faq manager and group manager. The latter allows creation/addition /deletion of any type of group to show the content and faq manager is for managing all the content.

FAQ Module by Landofcoder - $99 - Link 

The FAQ page is an important part of any eCommerce site, and with the help of our Magento 2 FAQs, you can create an FAQ page of your own to suit any of your business goals.

This module helps to create an informative and even SEO-friendly FAQ page to address common questions for the customers. The customers that come to your store can find it much more convenient when they come to your Magento 2 store.

  • Fully Support REST API for Magento 2.4.x
  • Free Magento 2.4 FAQ Graph Ql
  • Optimized for Mobiles
  • Ajax live search based on content, keyword, tag
  • Unlimited FAQs divided into categories
  • View answers to each question with expand feature
  • Show frequently asked questions to save customer's time
  • Place FAQs anywhere using FAQ blocks
  • Show FAQ on product detail Page
  • Multiple beautiful layouts & styles
  • Live Editor: Change font size, text color, background color, border-color
  • Change question icon as your expectation
  • Multiple animations effects supported
  • Show related questions & products
  • Social Networks Integrated
  • Question Vote: Like or Dislike
  • Improve SEO score
  • Import & Export Data

FAQ and Product Questions for Magento 2 by Amasty - $199 - Link 

Equip product pages with the advanced SEO-optimized FAQ section in Magento 2. Transform guests to customers by displaying well-organized info on products and services.

  • Create product questions section with WYSIWYG editor
  • Manage questions' Product IDs via API
  • Let customers and guests ask questions right from product and knowledge base pages
  • Avoid displaying duplicate content to boost store SEO
  • Optimize store performance with the effective caching
  • GDPR compliant and fully optimized for mobile

Magento 2 FAQ extension - Frequently asked Questions for M2 by Mageplaza - $129 - Link 

  • Optimized FAQ homepage
  • SEO-friendly FAQ sections
  • FAQs Categories
  • FAQ Instant Search
  • Customize FAQ pages design
  • Question voting: Rate questions useful
  • FAQs statistics
  • Be compatible with Mageplaza extensions.
  • REST API, GraphQL is ready

Magento 2 FAQ Extension | Knowledge Base for Magento 2 by Aheadworks - $199 - Link 

Give shoppers the info they ask for with the Magento 2 FAQ extension! Collect user feedback to your articles with the helpfulness rating system and the dedicated question form. Divide articles by categories to let users quickly find what they need on your FAQ page. Decorate categories with catchy images. Make FAQ pages visible and searchable on the web with powerful SEO configuration options.
Let customers find necessary information in a matter of a few clicks.

  • Article helpfulness rating
  • FAQ availability setting
  • Custom category icons
  • Question form on article pages
  • Multi-column block design
  • Enhanced SEO tools

Magento 2 FAQ from Magearray - FREE - Link

FAQ extension for Magento 2 empower you to set up FAQ page for your website. Before deciding to buy any products, customers always have many questions in mind. However, you are not always available there to answer these questions whereas customers are not patient enough to go through your site for answers. With all efforts to get them to visit your sites, do not lose them just because of some questions unanswered. A separate page listing all the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is all you need. Magento FAQ extension can help you to manage FAQ on a single page.

Magento 2 FAQ from Mageprince - FREE - Github 

This module adds an easy way to use FAQ section to your Magento store with jQuery Accordion. In this module, admin can add and update FAQ. Admin can also create FAQ group with group icon. Admin can add widgets, blocks, images etc. in FAQ answer with wyswing editor.

  • Show all FAQ on CMS page and static block
  • Show FAQ by group on CMS page and static block
  • Load FAQ by ajax on group selection on the frontend
  • Custom FAQ URL

Free Magento 2 FAQ Extension from Mage-World - FREE - Link 

With the best effort of Mage-World team, Magento 2 FAQ extension will help store owners answer the frequently asked questions. By installing the extension, you won’t waste your time answering common questions one by one and the customers do not have to wait for your answer as well. Interesting benefits and easy installation, this is a convenient extension that worth for your site

  • Search by keywords easily
  • Customizable
  • Able to sort order of categories and FAQs
  • Responsive design
  • Easy to interact in the admin panel

Magento 2 FAQ Extension by Magezon - $129 - Link 

Magento 2 FAQ Extension is a powerful tool for store owners to create informative and SEO-friendly FAQ pages. It allows customers to search questions using the search box or FAQ lists and get the right answers instantly. Through it, your online store can increase users' experience and their satisfaction.

  • Create and customize FAQ pages
  • Search questions instantly by using keywords
  • Question helpfulness rating
  • Create and assign questions to categories & tags
  • Show FAQs tab on the product page
  • SEO-friendly FAQ pages
  • Allow customers to submit their questions
  • Fully responsive design
  • Other stunning features
  • Fully compatible with: Magezon Page Builder and Single Product Page Builder

Magento 2 FAQs - BSS Commerce - $79 - Link 

FAQs (Frequently-asked questions) is a popular demand of customers when shopping online. This extension would help store owners to display such FAQs fully and stunningly.

  • Create one FAQs main page
  • Create and divide FAQs into suitable categories
  • Allow customers to search for FAQs by tags and keywords
  • Show the most recent and related questions
  • Add FAQs to product pages and allow customers to submit questions easily
  • New Update: Now allow creating FAQs with the same URL for different store views.

Magento 2 FAQ Extension, Advance FAQs Management Module by Fmeextensions - $69 - Link 

Magento 2 Advance FAQs extension is a highly useful module that allows you to address the most common concerns of your customers about your online store. It works by creating a dedicated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page and organizes the FAQs in categories so customers can easily look up their relevant answers. From settings you can create topics, add your FAQs with them, enable them on block and arrange them in accordion style. Magento 2 FAQ extension is also listed on Magento marketplace. Advance FAQ extension is also listed on Magento marketplace.

  • Creates a dedicated FAQs Page
  • Add unlimited FAQS divided into categories
  • Show FAQs anywhere using FAQ block
  • Accordion Style and FAQs Rating
  • Import & Export Faqs

Magento 2 FAQ Extension | Magento Product Questions by Magedelight - $199 - Link 

Facilitate customers to ask questions and answers about products and services with Magento 2 FAQ.Let them receive the answers of their queries instantly with knowledge-based Magento 2 Product Questions & Answer Extension.

  • Multiple layout options for FAQ category page
  • Custom-made user interface
  • Most frequently asked questions’ block on generic FAQ page
  • Social media sharing link and author information on question detail page
  • Create dedicated pages for each category of generic FAQ
  • Create a tab of FAQ on each product page
  • Search the FAQ using content, tag or keywords
  • Different visual effects and icon for each question

Magento 2 FAQ Extension | knowledge base Module by WebKul - $39 - Link 

Accordion FAQ For Magento 2 : Accordion FAQ For Magento 2 is an awesome module. This module adds an easy way to use FAQ Section to your Magento store with jQuery powered animation. In this module, admin can add and update FAQ. Admin Can also create FAQ group and show the group on the specific pages. On the frontend, you have an animated FAQ section for your store.

  • Create FAQ
  • Admin can create the created FAQ and can edit and delete it.
  • Customer Communication
  • This module provides better communication with the customer to prevent further support from the store.
  • Multiple FAQ's
  • Can add any number of FAQs for the product in this admin.
  • Visibility Page For FAQ
  • Customers can see FAQ's on the after reviews tab of the product page.

Magento 2 FAQ Extension by Magetop - $69 - Link 

This is an awesome module, Admin can create unlimited, update, delete FAQs and FAQ categories. The interface is easy to use. This extension is the best FAQ extension for your business. In the business, times equals money while there are always thousands of questions in a customer’s mind both before and after purchasing. Thus, the faster answers, the happier customers, the more successful business.

  • Advanced Search for FAQs.
  • Filter the FAQs via Category.
  • The page detail about FAQ.
  • Vote on the FAQ page.
  • URL rewrite standard for SEO.
  • Display FAQs via multi stores.
  • Admin can add unlimited FAQs and FAQ categories.
  • Admin can update, delete FAQs and FAQ categories.
  • 100% Open-source, Support multi-store, Support multi-language.
  • Easy to install and customize.

Knowledge Base for Magento 2 by Mirasvit - $99 - Link 

Knowledge Base or FAQ is an online store resource center that answers the customers’ most popular questions and covers most customers’ self-service features.
Organize all frequent inquiries and other helpful content with our solution.
Reduce your support or helpdesk's load and save your customers some time using our Magento 2 FAQ extension!

  • Conveniently structured Store Help Guide.
  • Search by categories and article content.
  • Search by word combination or exact phrases.
  • Save your customers time with Knowledge Base self-service.
  • Give your customers an excellent user experience by returning answers in a split second!
  • Customize every article with WYSIWYG editor.
  • Set a SEO-friendly URL, meta tags, and rich snippets for each article.
  • Make your articles available in multiple categories.
  • Manage article ratings and votes.
  • Save your support team some time and save some money all at once!

Magento 2 FAQ extension by Mageants - $59 - Link 

Organize the Magento 2 FAQ on your website in a more systematic format and make your website more informative. Thus, it helps your customers find out the exact things that they are looking for.

  • Add static blocks above the FAQs to highlight important content.
  • Import the FAQs directly to the web page of your website.
  • Make your FAQ web page more organized using a paging feature.
  • Add a question search bar on the FAQ page.
  • Use the Ajax-based redirection for question categories for better efficiency.
  • Create FAQ page and display URL in top links.

FAQ Extension for Magento 2 by Rootways - $49 - Link 

Magento FAQ extension allows you to create the ajax based category wise FAQ listing page, Our this extension allows you to create a list of questions and answers for your Magento 2 website.

  • FAQ listing based on category.
  • Multi-language compatibility.
  • Add FAQ based on website and store views.
  • Keywords Search.
  • Fully responsive and user-friendly.
  • You can add HTML tags in the answer field.
  • Fully manageable from the admin.
  • All the FAQs are on the one page.
  • New updated features:
  • Manage FAQ categories based on store view.
  • Supports Multi Language FAQ Categories.